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2018 schedule and pricing


Drop Off Class

Ages 4-6

Drop Off Class

Ages 7-10

Drop Off Class

Ages 9-12

The Art Nook offers week long drop off classes for ages 4-12, as well as one hour mommy and me classes for ages 2-4.

Summer camp projects will vary week to week and camps are multi-media including painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, clay, and experimental process based work. 

Let's Have Class Outside!

When the weather is nice and the projects allow for it, we will have class outside in my backyard or on the shaded deck. One class per week will consist of drawing and painting outside in Goffle Brook Park (private entrance to secluded area of park from backyard)​.

What else do I need to know?

  • Classes are kept nice and small. 8 kids maximum.

  • Please send your child to camp with a water bottle.

  • Children ages 4-6 should be sent with a small snack.

  • Dress for the mess! This is art camp!

  • All supplies are included in the cost.

  • Register for one week or multiple weeks!

  • Camp must be paid for in cash or check made payable to Jaclyn Turner. Credit Card payments are NOT accepted.

Mommy and Me

Ages 2-4

2018 Summer Offerings

Find your week and your child's age group and

DATES                         AGE                            TIME                     COST

      June 25-29 (Mon-Fri)                  Ages 7-10                        1:00pm-3:00pm                         $150             3 spots left!

            July 18 (Wed)                  Mommy and Me                     9:30-10:30am                             $25   

          July 19 (Thurs)                 Mommy and Me                    9:30-10:30am                              $25

            July 20 (Fri)                    Mommy and Me                     9:30-10:30am                             $25

    July 18,19,20 (Wed-Fri)          All Clay Class (Ages 8-12)      1:00pm-3:30pm                          $130

      July 23-27 (Mon-Fri)                 Ages 7-10                         9:30am-11:30am                         $150            CAMP IS FULL

      July 23-27 (Mon-Fri)                  Ages 9-12                         1:00pm-3:00pm                          $150           

    July 30-Aug 3 (Mon-Fri)               Ages 4-6                           9:30am-11:30am                        $150

    July 30-Aug 3 (Mon-Fri)              Ages 7-10                          1:00pm-3:00pm                          $150

    July 30-Aug 3 (Mon-Fri)               Ages 9-12                         4:00pm-6:00pm                          $150

      Aug 6-10 (Mon-Fri)                    Ages 7-10                         9:30am-11:30am                        $150

      Aug 6-10 (Mon-Fri)                     Ages 4-6                          1:00pm-3:00pm                          $150

      Aug 13-17 (Mon-Fri)                  Ages 4-6                           9:30am-11:30am                        $150

      Aug 13-17 (Mon-FrI)                 Ages 7-10                          1:00pm-3:00pm                         $150

      June 25-29 (Mon-Fri)                  Ages 4-6                          9:30am-11:30am                       $150             3 spots left!

To view summer camp schedule and register online, you must visit this page on your laptop or desktop computer. Mobile version is limited.

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