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From your Photograph

to Watercolor Painting

I can transform your memories into works of art! Send me a photograph of your pet, home, family, friends, memorable landscapes, vacations, anything, and I will work with you to meet your needs. Candid shots of people that are not already high quality photographs work best to be transformed into a painting. Click on the paintings below to enlarge


IMG_0107 (1)

8x12" oil painting commission based on a photograph


Large scale oil painting on wood. Commissioned as a wedding gift to a couple who got engaged in front of this house.

1523061_10201427101823100_1309521400_o (1)

Large scale oil painting on wood. This was a commission for a couple which was meant to symbolize their 4th of July wedding and the infinity symbol.

By the waves2
By the pier
Sand castle2
Bottles1 copy

Recollection Series

These paintings are visual explorations of memories revealed solely through the lens of home movies. While addressing my childhood specifically, the images reflect familiar narratives shared by many families. My intent was to obscure the individual figures to allow the viewer to connect with the imagery and construct the visual details themselves.

The blurred abstractions relate to the human tendency to rework memories and our inability to recall all details accurately. When our memory fails us, we are left to make certain decisions about an event, decisions that may or may not be accurate. The visual choices I made while painting relate to my own separation from the actual occurrence of this event. With only the shallow imagery provided by the video recording, I am left to reconstruct the memory myself.

Some of these oil

paintings were

commissions, while others are my own work as an artist.

Some of the work is from a series of paintings called Recollection. If you are interested in learning more about my work, feel free to read my artist statement or ask me about them!

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